echt edel – EdelSteinLand’s sparkling gem of a magazine is here!

> Available here as an online version to browse

Emotionally appealing picture series with texts that provide exciting insights, plus workshop stories of fine manufactories, the "hidden treasures", representative of the jewelry craftsmanship in EdelSteinLand.

The magazine stands for the creativity, innovation and passion that lie behind every sparkling piece. It takes you on a journey behind the scenes. It opens doors to the workshops of renowned jewelry designers and provides insights into the craftsmanship that brings each work of art to life.

The photo locations with the Idar-Oberstein boutique hotel Villa Horbach and the Jakob Bengel industrial monument fit perfectly into this creative world. Alongside the artists' workshops, they stand for all the special, pretty places in EdelSteinLand. Echt Edel" is therefore not just a magazine, but an exciting journey of discovery. It invites you to explore the full creativity of jewelry design and to experience the fascinating world of jewelry art in a very personal way.

Look forward to the new EdelSteinLand magazine, which has been completely redesigned by the creative agency SOONTEAM and its photographer René Nolte and presents the unique jewelry scene of EdelSteinLand in a fascinating way.