Open Workshops – An Exciting Voyage of Discovery

An exciting voyage of discovery through 20 different jewellery companies takes place every year on the weekend before Easter in a region where gemstones abound – Idar-Oberstein. Learn about extraordinary jewellery, precious gemstones, new and traditional working techniques as you wander through the jewellery designer workshops. You can gain deep insights into the world of jewellery design in the studios and get to know the people behind the individual workpieces in person.

Around 20 designers, cutters and goldsmiths carry on the tradition of the local jewellery and gem industry and feel strongly connected to the historic region in and around Idar-Oberstein. They have all been educated, trained or have studied and gathered the relevant expertise in their trade. The gemstone capital and the surrounding region  have specialised in this area for over 500 years now.

Each workshop, however, is also devoted to searching for new innovative solutions, to leave the traditional behind and pave their own way to develop their own personal innovative signature. The fresh ideas, diversity and level of creativity will leave you absolutely astonished. No piece of jewellery is quite like the other here. Discover your favourites at www.offene-werkstä and put together your own personal journey through the world of jewellery in Hunsrück. Fascination guaranteed!