• True Craftsmanship

    Innovative jewellery designers

  • ‘They are people who work with their hands to try to realise
     what’s going on in the mind’s eye.’ 
    (Peter Fischer, Master Goldsmith)
  • ‘I can actually find inspiration everywhere.
    It’s important to perceive it in everyday life and hold onto it.”
    (Stephanie Dingel, Master Goldsmith)


Get to know fascinating people whose passion is stone in all its dazzling variations. 

The creative imagination and craftsmanship of the jewelry makers in EdelSteinLand are inspiringly diverse and highly individual. It is a special scene that constantly produces surprising and desirable jewelry objects. Whether mysteriously shimmering or radiantly brilliant, made from classic or unexpected materials - they are always an expression of high craftsmanship and great fascination.

Welcome to a rewarding journey through the world of gemstones and far beyond.