• True Craftsmanship

    Innovative jewellery designers

  • ‘They are people who work with their hands to try to realise
     what’s going on in the mind’s eye.’ 
    (Peter Fischer, Master Goldsmith)
  • ‘I can actually find inspiration everywhere.
    It’s important to perceive it in everyday life and hold onto it.”
    (Stephanie Dingel, Master Goldsmith)


Get to know fascinating people whose passion is stone in all its dazzling variations. 

You can get interesting unique items and beautiful pieces of jewellery produced in small batches straight from the “manufacturer”. You will also get to take a look at the workshop environment during production and gain an personal insight into the craft, the world of precious stones and precious metals. Creatives often have a long family history of this craft and combine traditional expertise with creative innovation.

“... this hits the nail on the head as we work with real and precious materials: We only use natural precious stones, with which we highlight the beauty of nature and all things natural. It is not only our stones that are precious, but our jewellery too...” (Tom Munsteiner, jewellery designer)