echt edel – EdelSteinLand’s sparkling gem of a magazine is here!

> Available here as an online version to browse

‘echt edel’ is the name of the new gemstone magazine! Exhilarating series of images and powerful content from EdelSteinLand!

The magazine focuses on artists, jewellery makers and designers who make this richly resourceful region what it ultimately is: ‘echt edel’ – in other words, ‘truly precious’!

The previous version by ITB Berlin was given the title of international best magazine for good reason and always sold out quickly. The 36-page glossy magazine has now been reinterpreted and, in addition to featuring top-class content, it once again captivates with evocative images shot by the renowned photographer Timo Volz. Genuinely crafted fine jewellery showcased in the region where it comes from: in EdelSteinLand. Shot at Oberstein Castle, the current photo shoot shines the spotlight on the Jakob Bengel industrial heritage monument as well artists and their pieces of jewellery.

The magazine, which is targeted towards jewellery enthusiasts, tourists, locals, trade professionals and the press, focuses on three main issues: innovative jewellery designers, open workshops in EdelSteinLand, and its museums and mines. The primary focus however is always: true craftsmanship shaped by human hands! The magazine is brimming with historical photos and quotes from local jewellery designers, gemstone cutters and goldsmiths.

20,000 copies of the new edition of the EdelStein magazine have been produced in response to the strong demand for the first magazine. The magazine is available at Tourist Information EdelSteinLand centres in Herrstein at Brühlstr. 16 and in Idar-Oberstein at Hauptstr. 419. Further information is also available on: 06781-64871.